Nieuws 2010

Het laatste nieuws op het gebied van voeding en gezondheid

Week 35

2 Moms Reverse Autism in Sons
3 Things We Need for a Food Revolution
700 children born with genetic disabilities due to cousin marriages every year
A Better Way To Measure Chemical Risks
A Corn-Based BPA Replacement
A discovery by Dr. Andre Veillette's team could impact the treatment of autoimmune diseases
A lethal brain tumor's strength may be a weakness as well
A market for producing 'lemons' and serious harm
A Promising Target for Developing Treatments Against Parkinson’s Disease
A strategy to fix a broken heart
Accelerating the Search for New Cancer Therapies
Acute-on-chronic liver failure due to thiamazole in a patient with hyperthyroidism and trilogy of Fallot
Adequate zinc eases pneumonia in elderly
ADHD Misdiagnoses Identified by New Study
ADHD risk may be tied to pesticide exposure before birth
After Avandia - Does the FDA Have a Drug Problem?
Aggression tied to heart risk
An IRCM researcher pinpoints the cellular mechanism responsible for modulating the permeability
of blood vessels

Ancient brew may reduce gut damage after chemotherapy
Ancient Chinese Herbal Recipe Eases Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Another Biased Study? Maybe …
Antacids pose unique dangers for seniors
Antagonistic people may increase heart attack, stroke risk
Antioxidant activity and hepatoprotective effects of whey protein and Spirulina in rats
Asparagus, garlic and artichokes 'could help fight obesity and diabetes'
Astronauts 'become as weak as 80-year-olds'
Atrazine Causes Prostate Inflammation in Male Rats and Delays Puberty
Autism research finds empirical link between multisensory integration and autism
Avoid Toxic Beauty - The Natural Alternative to the Cosmetic Counter
B Vitamins and the Aging Brain Examined
B vitamins and the aging brain examined
Being angry, competitive may raise your heart risk
Being only-child 'no barrier to friendship'
Ben & Jerry's 'natural' ice cream filled with unnatural ingredients
Berry good way to keep brain young
Better understanding of mapmaking in the brain
Bill Scoggan Reverses Alzheimer’s With A Low-Carb Diet And Supplements
Binge drinking increases death risk in men with high blood pressure
Biochemist proposes worldwide policy change to step up daily vitamin D intake
Biochemist Proposes Worldwide Policy Change to Step Up Daily Vitamin D Intake
Bottled Tea Beverages May Contain Fewer Polyphenols than Brewed Tea
BP accused of withholding ‘critical’ spill data
BPA contaminants found in most Canadians
Brain connections break down as we age
Brain disease could affect more people, research finds
Brain responds same to acute and chronic sleep loss
Breast cancer risk varies among different progestins used in hormone replacement therapy
Britain prepares for mackerel war with Iceland and Faroe Islands
Building muscle doesn't require lifting heavy weights
Canadian scientists discover pattern of DNA mutation in 40 diseases
Cancer risk found for long-term hormone therapy
Carbohydrate nutrition and inflammatory disease mortality in older adults
Childhood abuse, adversity may shorten life, weaken immune response among the elderly
China anti-tobacco efforts failing, officials say
China closes factories as green deadline looms
China tobacco firms accused of targeting children
Chinese Meditation Found to Boost Brain Connectivity
Choosing healthier protein-rich foods instead of red and processed meats may reduce heart disease
Cigarette smoke causes harmful changes in the lungs even at the lowest levels
Clay Remedies offer effective Natural Health Solutions
Cloned steak and GM fries
Coconut Oil, Part II
Cold war weapons expert warns Wi-Fi could cause generational birth defects
College Students Today Are More Likely To Become Depressed
Common acne treatments linked to bowel problems
Competing for a mate can shorten lifespan
Decline in air pollution and change in prevalence in respiratory symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in elderly women
Delaying fat digestion to curb appetite
Developmental problems - Some exist in the genes
Discovery could impact the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Discovery opens door to therapeutic development for FSH muscular dystrophy
Disturbances in certain genes play a role in autism
Disturbances in certain genes play a role in autism
Doctors, Tk appl or orang 6x pr day
Dreams Make You Smarter, More Creative, Studies Suggest
Drug companies accused of 'conning' the public
Drug firms hiding negative research are unfit to experiment on people
Drug Industry Weighs Allegiance
Drug information from pharmacies found lacking
Drug’s Failure Casts Doubt on a Tactic in Alzheimer’s Battle
Eat up your greens to cut risk of diabetes
Effectiveness of statins called into questio
Effects of hunger in children last longer than imagined
Einstein Scientist Discovers Stem Cell "Partnership" That Could Advance Regenerative Medicine
Environmentalists Get Huge Win - Controversial Coal Plant in Borneo Is Sidelined
EPA Confirms Phase-Out of Key Bayer Pesticide
EPA to Take Action on Chemicals Used in Dyes, Flame Retardants, and Industrial Detergents Efforts to limit exposure and reduce harm to people
EU agency to reveal secret data on drug side-effects
Even Modest Weight Gain Can Harm Blood Vessels
Exposure to low doses of BPA alters gene expression in the fetal mouse ovary
EZH2 boosts creation of ovarian cancer blood vessels
Fat makes you fat? Or is the real problem industrial trans fats?
FDA faces outcry with Avastin breast-cancer choice
Federal Judge Bans Genetically Modified Sugar Beets
Feds to designate bisphenol A as toxic by November
Fish oil may curb depression among teen boys
From Oil Spill to Oil Dump - The Dirty Secret of BP’s Clean-Up
Fucoidan present in brown algae induces apoptosis of human colon cancer cells
Gallbladder cancer may be linked to estrogens, says UH team
Gene Causing Canine Neurodegenerative Disease Found
Gene scan finds link across array of childhood brain disorders
Geoengineering won't curb sea-level rise
Girls more stressed in high school than boys
Giving babies sunshine vitamin may cut illness risk illness
GM crop sabotage on the rise
GM salmon under FDA consideration
Gold in scan finds dangerous artery clogs
Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise to perform independent assessment of oil spill impacts on Gulf
GSK executives sell drug compound as a nutritional supplement on the side
Guess where your fluoride comes from? China!
Have Seed Oils Caused a Multi-Generational Obesity Epidemic?
High blood pressure and beet juice
High cocoa content gives Swedish hearts the edge
High starch diets associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes
HIV virus hides in the brain
How Secondhand Cigarette Smoke Changes Your Genes
How We Became Coffee Free!
Hundreds of soldiers with PTSD incorrectly dismissed
Imaging study sheds light on neural origins of baby talk
Immune overreaction may enable recurrent urinary tract infections
Indian doctors warned of new superbug before Lancet study
Inhibiting prostate cancer without disturbing regular body processes
Insecticide to be banned – three decades after tainted melons sickened 2,000 people
Internet access at home increases the likelihood that adults will be in relationships
iPods and MP3 players 'linked to teenage deafness'
ISU researchers discover cause of immune system avoidance of certain pathogens
It's official, smoking makes you stupid
Junk Food-Addicted Rats Chose to Starve Themselves Rather Than Eat Healthy Food
Ketamine fights depression, so does vitamin D
Lack of close ties may increase heart disease risk
Lifestyle factors linked to teens' headaches
Low bone mineral density common in children and teenagers with inflammatory bowel disease
Low vitamin D levels tied to pregnancy complication
Lowcarb ? Clarence Bass
Male menopause affects more than 5 million men
Many drugs for U.S. kids tested in poor countries
Marriage, Committed Romance Reduce Stress Hormone Production
Men more likely to cheat if they are economically dependent on their female partners
Merlin protein found to control liver stem cells, prevent tumor development
Meta-analysis of animal fat & meat consumption show NO association with colon cancer
Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Induce Unique Inflammatory Footprints in the Lung
Millions of Fish Dead in Bolivian Rivers
Moderate drinking, especially wine, associated with better cognitive function
Monsanto abandons GM canola in S Africa
Monsanto spent $2.18 million lobbying gov’t in 2Q
Monsanto's War-Zone Harvest
More evidence for fibromyalgia, suicide link
More Sugar Leads to More Cavities?
Mount Sinai researchers discover new mechanism behind cellular energy conversion
Mutant mouse reveals potential genetic pathway for alcoholism
New 'dentist' test to detect oral cancer will save lives
New drug by UC researcher bites back at mosquitoes
New molecular signaling cascade increases glucose uptake
New Norwegian earplug solution to a deafening problem
New study finds new connection between yoga and mood
New understanding of the 'flight-or-fight' response
Nine-year incident diabetes is predicted by fatty liver indices
Novel diabetes hope comes from Chinese herbs
Obesity and diabetes - Immune cells in fat tissue explain the link
Oil Spill Cleanup Tied to Adverse Health Effects
Oil-eating bacteria may determine environmental impact of Gulf oil
Omega-3s could improve metabolic syndrome outcomes
One German Town's Fight against CO2 Capture Technology
Ont. parents suspect Wi-Fi making kids sick
Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain
Oxytocin - It's a mom and pop thing
Painkiller use linked to stroke risk
Parents warned of child phone dangers
Parents' mental health more likely to suffer when a grown child struggles
Peak oil alarm revealed by secret official talks
People think immoral behavior is funny -- but only if it also seems benign
People who cannot escape a system are likely to defend the status quo
Persistence survey of Toxic Shock Syndrome toxin-1 producing Staphylococcus aureus and serum antibodies to this superantigen in five groups of menstruating women
Polar bears, glaucous gulls most at risk from contaminants
Portuguese scientists discover an extraordinary new type of white blood cells
Prior stress could worsen premenstrual symptoms, NIH study finds
Proof that a gut-wrenching complaint -- irritable bowel syndrome -- is not in your head
Protein Coating on Titanium Strengthens Implant Attachment
Protein made by breast cancer gene purified
Proteins linked with Alzheimer’s, other neurodegenerative diseases found to clump in normal aging
Psoriasis responded to turmeric
Putting the squeeze on Alzheimer's
Quebec willing to join MS treatment trials
Radiation, Risks Are Focus of Breast Screening Studies
Rapid method for determination of DNA repair capacity in human peripheral blood lymphocytes amongst smokers
Raw almond producers fight fed rules
Reanimated ‘Junk’ DNA Is Found to Cause Disease
Recepts of your grandmother
Research concludes vitamin D may treat or prevent allergy to common mold
Research Finds New Link Between Inflammation and Cancer
Researchers advance understanding of enzyme that regulates DNA
Researchers Develop Coating That Safely Kills MRSA on Contact
Researchers develop MRSA-killing paint
Researchers find clues to gut immunity evolution, reveal similarities between fish/humans
Researchers find function of proteins that can enhance the progression of viruses and cancer cells
Researchers identify breast cancer culprits
Rheumatoid arthritis signaling protein reverses Alzheimer's disease in mouse model
Risk to Kids from Toxic Pesticides May be Underestimated, Study Finds
Romantic sex 'has no effect on schoolwork'
Russia launches inquiry into Pavlovsk seed bank after Twitter campaign
Scientist Explores Links Between Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Scientists Closer to Finding What Causes the Birth of A Fat Cell
Scientists discover how polyphenols in green tea may protect health of diabetics
Seabirds Spew Useful Contaminant Data
Seals wash up with mysterious injuries
Selected cells from blood or bone marrow may provide a route to healing blood vessels
Senate hearing emphasizes environment-autism links
Sick of chocolate? Researchers say yes
Significant advance announced in treatment of cervical cancer
Sleep and recovery in physicians on night call: a longitudinal field study
Smoking in China as serious as outbreak of SARS
Spinal cord injury treatment hope after new stem cell breakthrough
Starving yourself? Think again
Stem cell versatility could help tissue regeneration
Stomach bacteria need vitamin to establish infection
Stress gets under our skin
Stress in middle age could contribute to late-life dementia
Studies Confirm Genetic Link to Advanced Fatty Liver Disease
Study IDs 'alarming disparities' in child obesity
Study linking calcium to heart attack risk flawed, says doctor
Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Study shows gene's role in developing and maintaining cells key for a lifetime of memories
Study shows ozone and nicotine a bad combination for asthma
Summer babies 'more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD'
Sun protection on your plate
Sunbed eye damage warning issued
Synthetic blood breakthrough after scientists 'produce red cells from IVF embryos'
Teens Carry 30 Percent More BPA than Rest of Population
The dietary bioflavonoid quercetin synergizes with epigallocathechin gallate (EGCG) to inhibit prostate cancer
The Nutritional Characteristics of a Contemporary Diet Based Upon Paleolithic Food Groups
The Scary Truth about Anti-Depressants
The War Over Raw Milk Heats Up
Thousands exposed to Shell's toxic waste in Brazil
Thymus cells transform into skin cells in Swiss laboratory
Tiny toxic town takes on a corporate Goliath
To The Vegetarian Evangelists
Toward safer plastics that lock in potentially harmful plasticizers
Toxic-jewelry ban squeaks through Assembly
Traditional Chinese medicine could boost cancer treatment
Traffic may drive some people to diabetes
Trees Soaking Up Less Carbon Than Expected, Study Finds
Use Sea Salt to Heal the Adrenal Glands
UV-B treatment may improve psoriasis and vitamin D levels
Verizon & Google Want to Kill the Open Internet -- Media Mogul Confirms Their Bad Intentions
Video - Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness
Virtual colonoscopies help identify additional cancers outside of the colon, study suggests
Walking to school could reduce stress reactivity in children, may curb risk of heart disease
Waste from BP oil spill cleanup has gulf residents near landfills concerned
Watercress may help fight cancer
Website publicizes cancer map, environmental data
Wheat hip
When Plants Fight Back!
Why Are Young People Moving Back in with Their Parents?
Why Government Wants Your Kids on Cholesterol Drugs…
Why Stress is Much More Important than Cholesterol or LDL
Why stress may cause abdominal pain
WIC Should Include More Organic, Says Senate
Women have friends at work but not the networks to get ahead
Women who drink beer more likely to develop psoriasis
Women with osteoporosis suffer more if they have previously broken a bone, say scientists
Your Everyday Drugs May Be the Death of You
Your Mattress Could be Acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna
Zinc helps prevent pneumonia in the elderly




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