Nieuws 2010

Het laatste nieuws op het gebied van voeding en gezondheid

Week 36

2 Moms Reverse Autism in Sons
9/11's forgotten victims - 'We're living in a toxic time bomb'
A discovery by Dr. Andre Veillette's team could impact the treatment of autoimmune diseases
A moment on the lips, a year on the hips
A Promising Target for Developing Treatments Against Parkinson’s Disease
A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines
A step toward a new sunscreen? Plant agents show promise in preventing skin cancer
Accelerating the Search for New Cancer Therapies
Alzheimer's risk 'could be increased by surgery'
Ancient Chinese Herbal Recipe Eases Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Antagonistic people may increase heart attack, stroke risk
Anti-whaling NGOs warn of 'contaminated' whale meat
Antihistamine use linked to extra pounds
Antipsychotic drugs double risk of deadly pneumonia
Are allergies associated with heart disease?
Are probiotics a feasible intervention for prevention of diarrhoea in the developing world?
Asparagus, garlic and artichokes 'could help fight obesity and diabetes'
Atrazine Causes Prostate Inflammation in Male Rats and Delays Puberty
Atrazine causes prostate inflammation in male rats and delays puberty
Atrazine Threat to Male Sexual Development Revealed
Attention, couch potatoes! Walking boosts brain connectivity, function
Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures
Autism and schizophrenia - Scientists measure gene mutation rate
Autism research finds empirical link between multisensory integration and autism
Avoid Toxic Beauty - The Natural Alternative to the Cosmetic Counter
B vitamins and the aging brain examined
Baby's first full nappy can reveal mother's smoking
Back seat drivers right to feel uneasy
Banana plantain fibres could treat Crohn's disease
Berry good way to keep brain young
Big pharma kisses its blockbuster years goodbye
Binge drinking increases death risk in men with high blood pressure
Body Mass Index (BMI) and Thrombogenic Factors In Newly Menopausal Women
BPA Linked to Increased Testosterone Levels in Men
Brain connections break down as we age
Can probiotics help ward off flu?
Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?
Can the Whole World Be Vegan with John Robbins
Can the World be Powered Mainly by Solar and Wind Energy?
Carbohydrate mouth rinse - does it improve endurance exercise performance?
Carbohydrate nutrition and inflammatory disease mortality in older adults
Cheap heart-failure drug could save thousands of lives
Cold salt water reduces damage in heart attack patients
Cold war weapons expert warns Wi-Fi could cause generational birth defects
Company Owned By Cancer Research Donor Lobbied Against Designation of Formaldehyde as Carcinogen
Copper in brake pads out to protect water, fish
CSULB prof uses Sea-Monkeys to explore link between plastics, autism
Delaying fat digestion to curb appetite
Devastating psychological effects of BP Gulf disaster are explored in Ecopsychology journal
Diabetes can cause a sugar coating that smothers body's immune defences
Dietary olive oil effect on antioxidant status and fatty acid profile
Disturbances in certain genes play a role in autism
DivX Only HD Movies
Do Fluorescent Lights Trigger Migraines?
Does a syringeful of sugar make newborns' pain go down?
Dr. Barry Groves PhD – Cholesterol SCEPTIC – Liberation Wellness Radio
Einstein Scientist Discovers Stem Cell "Partnership" That Could Advance Regenerative Medicine
Enviro Groups Cheer as Scientist Bombards Agribusiness With Profane E-Mails
Environmental stress is threatening life in the sea
Environmentalists Get Huge Win - Controversial Coal Plant in Borneo Is Sidelined
Exposure to low doses of BPA alters gene expression in the fetal mouse ovary
Exposure to low doses of BPA alters gene expression in the fetal mouse ovary
Fat distribution plays a role in weight loss success in patients at risk of diabetes
Fat makes you fat? Or is the real problem industrial trans fats?
Fat serves as cells' built-in pH sensor
FDA gets tougher with certain drug trials
FDA ignored evidence that CT scans are killing 14,000 Americans a year from cancer
Fertilizer chemicals linked to animal developmental woes
Figures on flu deaths are misleading, usually too high, CDC says
First genetic link to common migraine exposed
French activists uproot GM vines at research centre
Friendly bacteria help calm colicky babies
Gallbladder cancer may be linked to estrogens, says UH team
Gates Foundation Invests in Monsanto
Gates Foundation ties with Monsanto under fire
Gene Causing Canine Neurodegenerative Disease Found
Gene scan finds link across array of childhood brain disorders
Geoengineering won't curb sea-level rise
Giving babies sunshine vitamin may cut illness risk illness
GlaxoSmithKline pushing dangerous Avandia drug on thousands in new global clinical trial
Grapefruit's bitter taste holds a sweet promise for diabetes therapy
Greenpeace mobilises as firm strikes oil in Arctic
Gulf Fishermen Protest Re-opening of Fishing Grounds
Have Seed Oils Caused a Multi-Generational Obesity Epidemic?
How drug companies sell psychiatrists on their drugs
In historic move, Canada to list BPA as ‘toxic’
In the Fields of Italy, a Conflict Over Corn
Infant's gaze may be an early, but subtle, marker for autism risk
Inside Information From ‘Fat Throat’
Insulin resistance may cause Alzheimer plaques
Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes linked to plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease
Is genetically altered fish OK? FDA to decide
Is It OK For Pfizer To Pay For Reporters To Learn About Cancer?
ISU researchers discover cause of immune system avoidance of certain pathogens
Just Say No To Canadian "Certified Organic" Farmed Salmon
LEDs Promise Brighter Future, Not Necessarily Greener
Light, circadian rhythms affect vast range of physiological, behavioral functions
Lizard venom offers hope for Parkinson's disease patients
Lower IQs seen in Mexican girls living near manganese mines
Macrophages - The 'defense' cells that help throughout the body
Major moral decisions use general-purpose brain circuits to manage uncertainty
Mama wears Prada - Ovulating women buy sexier clothing
Meta-analysis of animal fat & meat consumption show NO association with colon cancer
Miracle mum brings premature baby son back to life with two hours of loving cuddles after doctors pronounce him dead
Moderate drinking, especially wine, associated with better cognitive function
Mother wins MMR payout after 18 years
Mothers abused by partners see decline in mental health even after relationship ends
Mount Sinai researchers discover new mechanism behind cellular energy conversion
New evidence on how cranberry juice fights bacteria that cause urinary tract infections
New Norwegian earplug solution to a deafening problem
New Parkinson's gene is linked to immune system
New studies explain how cancer cells 'eat us alive'
New study observes link between decongestant use in pregnant women and lower risk of preterm birth
New study reveals regenerative qualities of biosynthetic corneas
New study sheds light on painkilling system in brain
Nicotine in cigarettes linked to breast cancer
Nine-year incident diabetes is predicted by fatty liver indices
No one likes a 'do-gooder', psychological study shows
Non-stick pans can affect our hormones, new research suggests
Novel diabetes hope comes from Chinese herbs
Oil Spill Cleanup Tied to Adverse Health Effects
Organic strawberries are better — in some ways — researchers say
OU GeoChip technology plays critical role in Gulf of Mexico deepwater oil plume study
Our best and worst moments occur within social relationships, research shows
Outrage Over Claim that Anti-GM Campaign "Causes Hunger"
Parents warned of child phone dangers
Patients Wary of Doctors' Pharma Relationships
Penn study sheds light on how the brain shifts between sleep/awake states under anesthesia
Persistence survey of Toxic Shock Syndrome toxin-1 producing Staphylococcus aureus and serum antibodies to this superantigen in five groups of menstruating women
Pig Farms May Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance
Polyphenol antioxidants inhibit iron absorption
Protein made by breast cancer gene purified
Putting the squeeze on Alzheimer's
Radiation, Risks Are Focus of Breast Screening Studies
Rain garden guide helping Oregonians manage stormwater
Red meat and colorectal cancer
Researcher Explores the Human-Animal Bond in New Book
Researcher finds revolutionary way to treat eye cancer
Researchers connect APC protein to autism and mental retardation
Researchers develop MRSA-killing paint
Researchers Develop New Laboratory Cell Lines to Study Treatment for Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer
Researchers identify breast cancer culprits
Researchers Study Cinnamon Extracts
Researchers Study Cinnamon Extracts
Researchers zero in on protein that destroys HIV
Returning to Classrooms, and to Severe Headaches
Sad mothers have small babies
Safety tests on EU nurses working in Britain scrapped for being 'discriminatory'
Salmon baby food? Babies need omega-3s and a taste for fish, scientist says
Saturated Fat, Glycemic Index and Insulin Sensitivity, Another Nail in the Coffin
Scientists concerned about environmental impact of recycling of e-waste
Scientists create liver cells from patients' skin
Scientists discover new protein that gets to the roots of obesity and osteoporosis
Scientists find link in humans between nerve cell production, memory
Scientists find natural weight loss secret
Scientists rush to use stem cell funding
Scientists use synthetic corneas to restore vision
Scripps Research scientists uncover new mechanism of memory formation
Second-Hand Smoke May Provoke Inflammatory Response in Lungs
Second-Hand Smoke May Provoke Inflammatory Response in Lungs
Significant advance announced in treatment of cervical cancer
Sleepy? Hunger might help you stay awake
Smoking increases depressive symptoms in teens
Some men may get too many PSA tests
Spanish oil spill workers suffered chromosome damage
Stem cell versatility could help tissue regeneration
Stomach bacteria need vitamin to establish infection
Studies Confirm Genetic Link to Advanced Fatty Liver Disease
Studies confirm region of chromosome 9 linked to risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Studies Link Range of Major Diseases to Pesticides, New Database Launched
Study reveals capsaicin can act as cocarcinogen
Study Shows MS More Active in the Spring and Summer Months
Study shows zinc salts offer rapid relief from gastric reflux
Study suggests oxytocin makes people trusting, but not gullible
Supplement produces a 'striking' endurance boost
The dark side of beauty?
The effects of air pollution on vitamin D status in healthy women
The Medical Scandal that’s Robbing Cancer Patients of Their Right to Life
The new superfood – "forbidden" black rice
Thymus cells transform into skin cells in Swiss laboratory
To The Vegetarian Evangelists
Tobacco firms' use of YouTube probed
Tofu Ingredient Yields Formaldehyde-Free Glue for Plywood and Other Wood Products
Toxic showdown between Feds, chemical industry
Toxic-jewelry ban squeaks through Assembly
Traces of dairy antibiotics found in groundwater, UC Davis report says
Treatment for S. aureus skin infection works in mouse model
U of Alberta researchers discover important mechanism in fighting infection
U.S. Wants China And India To Replace Coal With Environmentally Devastating Drilling
UF discovers house flies carrying five new illness-causing bacteria
UF study shows carnivore species shrank during global warming event
UN climate change panel to be warned over reports
University of Nevada professor studies structural basis for autism disorders
Unravelling the code of the brain
Uranium found seeping into wells
Use the Common Cold Virus to Target and Disrupt Cancer Cells?
UV-B treatment may improve psoriasis and vitamin D levels
Vegetarian diets are associated with healthy mood states
Vitamin D found to influence over 200 genes, highlighting links to disease
Vitamin D linked to autoimmune and cancer disease genes, underscoring risks of deficiency
Vitamin D may treat and prevent allergic reaction to mold in cystic fibrosis patients
Weapons expert warns Wi-Fi in schools could cause birth defects
When snacks become meals - How hunger and environmental cues bias food intake
Where the Fat’s At
Why Your Faucet May Have Dangerously High Levels of Lead
Women with osteoporosis suffer more if they have previously broken a bone, say scientists
WWF warns of Baltic Sea 'Wild West'
Yale team finds a genetic rarity, a mutation that restores health




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